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ODI Cricket Has Some Life Left!

The 7th edition of the Champions Trophy, a success, the final match of the ODI tournament virtually being a T20 game, uncertainty over the tournament’s future, ICC annual meet and its decisions. Phew! The past week or two have left cricket followers and pundits with a horde of issues to ponder and discuss about. India will hold the Champions Trophy forever, in four years time we will have the inaugural Test Championship and the T20 world cup will now be an event with a 4-year cycle.
Perceptions can change quickly and the outlook about the Champions Trophy & the Test Championship has changed drastically over the last 5 years; from ridiculing the existence of the 8-nation ODI tourney to being apprehensive about the Test Championship. On-field action has been a prime reason to this perspective transition. With the World Cup already in place, the Champions Trophy was struggling to notch up USP features, both in terms of context and frequency. The discrepancy between the actual perform…