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India vs England 2014: Low-Key Build Up For The Big Test!

As the Indian team embarks on its 3rd away test-tour assignment of the year (the longest in recent history), a sense of nervous anxiety occupies the mental build-up. The memories of unending travails on away soil are still alive; more so given India’s last moment of success away from home came before that miserable trip to England in 2011. Given the nature of test cricket, phases of consistent success or failure shouldn’t surprise, yet India’s contrasting numbers before and after the 2011 WC win in tests are remarkable.
The disparity in India’s batting prowess from the 2011 tour is unmistakeably evident; the bowling on this occasion looks even thinner on experience. Barring Dhoni, Gambhir & Ishant, none of the 18-man squad has had the opportunity of playing test cricket in England previously; neither the trio can boast of impressive statistics. Despite a topsy-turvy 2013 for the Cook-led England, the presence of a similar core unit from 2011 and the advantage of playing at home wo…