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Historic Triumph Presents A Rare Opportunity!

173-4 on the board. A 101-run solid partnership spoiling a wishful rendition of an away test win in 3 years. A wicket out of nowhere just before the lunch interval and England fold up in the following 12.2 overs and 50 runs. The classic test cricket pattern gets exhibited in the process - one skewed hour/session changing the complexion of a tightly fought see-saw contest. Some deemed it as historic, others described it as embarkment for the future but for many who have tracked Indian cricket over the last couple of decades this win easily figures into the bracket of Perth, Trent Bridge, Durban and Johannesburg for India's famous away wins of the current millennium. 
As the ecstatic elation receded and the victory feel sunk in, correlation with England's memorable win in Mumbai 20 months ago started surfacing. Pietersen, Cook, Panesar were colligated with Rahane, Vijay, Ishant as the lead heroes of the respective matches. Some of these names weren't (playing international cr…