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A Rosy Tale On A Gloomy Day!

Dogged, sluggish, unexotic and lumbering could be the adjectives which associate themselves to Chris Rogers knock at Chester-le-Street. Yet in the context of the situation keywords like effective, potentially match-winning and telling probably assume a greater association to his contribution in the 1st innings of Australia’s batting. There were edges and misses, close shouts, moments of rub-of-green, awkward TV postures of batting and amid all that the scoreboard pressure in the change room was quietly subsided.
Day 2 of the test offered overcast conditions, seam & swing, part-timers (too) creating an impression and every over a fresh test for survival. It was that kind of day and it needed that kind of batting! It wasn’t a Warner kind of track, it was a tough test for somebody like a Khawaja, Steven Smith didn’t click and Clarke couldn’t hang around for long. Life can sometimes throw up opportunities at surprising junctures and this day was meant for Chris Rogers. The conditions,…

The Next Step For Virat Kohli's Batting Career!

Just a couple of days have elapsed since the comprehensive announcement about the conduct of WC 2015 was made. No overwhelming buzz, as expected, for a tournament that is 18 months away. The interest levels currently (for an Indian fan) aren’t the greatest either with India just finishing an ODI series in Zimbabwe and no big ticket international cricket in prospect over the next two months. Amid these circumstances it would be a decent academic exercise to comprehend on where the Indian team stands in the build-up to 2015.
Of all the players who will hog the limelight in that process, Virat Kohli is one name which will definitely feature more often. An ODI average of 49.72 (108 innings), a T20I average of 34.87 (18 innings) and a test career that promises to blossom - average 41.96 (31 innings); in a short span Virat has translated from a dynamic under-19 skipper to a mainstay in the Indian batting line-up, unnoticeably. Beyond statistics it is the number & nature of ‘match-winnin…