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More Than Just An Aberrational Dip

As the team’s head to London for the final test of the series, 2-1 is not an unimagined scoreline at the beginning of the tour and in most ways is a fair reflection of superior execution of skills. The nuances though have a different story to tell - some of England's top performers of this series have emphatically over-achieved (given form and/or ability), while those rated highly in the visitor's camp have grossly under-performed.
The form or the lack of it, of two young, promising Indian batsmen has been a source of pronounced scrutiny, disappointment & poor form for the batting unit. While Pujara's problems are restricted to lack of conversion, Kohli is struggling to even getting to that stage. Yes the openers have failed consistently and the lower middle order hasn't provided that assuring cushion, but given Pujara's attributes & Kohli's dream batting form, averages of 25.87 & 13.50 respectively are frustrating for themselves, the team & its …