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Let There Be Some Transparency

It’s been barely a week since the abrupt disruption in the scheduling sheet of India’s calendar for 2013-14 was announced. Haroon Lorgat, Tendulkar’s 200th test venue, Tendulkar’s possible retirement et al. have been the speculated reasons behind this discretional decision; and most likely silence will prevail over reasoning this occasion as well. While the Lorgat- BCCI tussle will be a masala-story to track over the next couple of months, the period till the WI series will be spent in associating & discovering the relevance of this unplanned tour to Tendulkar’s landmark!
While the BCCI appears to have snubbed CSA in the process, it has saved itself from large-scale criticism by using Tendulkar’s impending milestone as a safeguard tool. Post the Lorgat appointment the anticipation of a conflict between the two boards wasn’t unexpected, but what has surprised many is the timing & the way it has popped up 2.5 months before the itinerated tour. The BCCI is flexing its muscles at t…